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Library User Policies

Rules of Conduct

Welcome to the Troy Public Library. We ask your cooperation in maintaining an environment conducive to reading and to enjoyable use of the Library. These rules are posted for the comfort and protection of all who use the Library.
While on Library property, the following are UNACCEPTABLE:
•        Bringing weapons into the Library
•        Damaging or vandalizing Library facilities, equipment or materials.
•        Removing Library materials without properly checking them out.
•        Abandoning, neglecting, or leaving young children unattended or otherwise violating the Children in the Library Policy.
•        Harassing other Library users or Library staff, including physical, sexual, or verbal abuse.
•        Possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
•        Eating, drinking, using tobacco products, or sleeping.
•        Lack of protective footwear and/or shirt.
•        Using cell phones in the Library in a manner that disturbs others.
•        Using radios, televisions, telephones, or CD/tape players audible to others.
•        Selling, soliciting or panhandling (approaching citizens or staff members with items for sale or pleas for donations).
•        Distributing or posting printed materials or literature without prior Library Administration approval.
•        Bringing bicycles into the Library. Skates of any kind, skateboards, etc. must be carried at all times.
•        Blocking any entrance, exit, or aisle.
•        Bringing in any animals except service dogs.

•        Loitering is prohibited. Loitering is defined as lingering idly or aimlessly in any area of the Library without purpose, or hanging

          around in clusters and causing loud or disturbing noises.      

•        Improper use of restrooms, including but not limited to shaving, bathing, hair washing, and smoking.
•        Being in the Library before or after Library operating hours without the written permission of Library Director.
•        Offensive bodily hygiene which constitutes a nuisance to others.
•        Entering office/workroom areas unless accompanied by a staff member or with written permission of Administrator or Assistant

•        Using Library electrical outlets without permission from Library staff.
•        Indulging in a disturbance of the public peace by loud or aggressive behavior, boisterous behavior, running, profanity, or abusive language.
•        Engaging in any indecent or obscene conduct or making any indecent exposure of his or her person.
•        Engaging in acts which are subject to prosecution under criminal or civil codes of law.
If a Library user chooses not to follow the Library’s Rules of Conduct, that user will be asked to correct the unacceptable behavior. If the behavior continues, that user will be asked to leave. Police will be called if the user refuses to leave.

Adopted September 01, 2004: The Troy Public Library director reserves the right to ask patrons who may be exhibiting signs of flu or other illness to vacate the library facility, as this poses a threat to the health and safety of others, including staff.

Internet User Policy

Patrons must have a current library card and be in good standing to apply for Internet accessibility.

The following policies apply to all users of the Troy Public Library’s Public Access Computers. Failure to comply with these policies will result in the loss of Internet access privileges.

•        Only one person may use the Internet station at one time. No child who is not using a computer may be in the computer lab. Juvenile cardholders attending the 2nd grade or above who wish to use Internet access computers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
•        Patrons must sign in at the Information desk located on the second floor. A user may not allow other persons to access the Internet by using his/her personal library card number.
•        Use of the Internet access computers are on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a thirty minute time limit for the use of Internet access computers when others are waiting. The time of sign-in will be noted at the Information Desk.
•         If a person leaves his/her station for more than five(5) minutes, it is assumed that he/she has yielded the remaining time allowed, and the station will be considered unoccupied.
•        Downloading and saving information to any drive on a computer is not permitted (saving information must be done on an auxiliary devise, such as a flash drive); chat rooms are not permitted; online movies and TV shows are not permitted; game playing is not permitted, even games on sites such as Facebook.
•        Any user of the Internet who, without authorization, accesses, uses, destroys, alters, dismantles, or disfigures any data, equipment of any kind, information technologies, or properties, is in violation of this policy and will be held responsible.
•        Any use of the Internet for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes or in support of such activities, is prohibited. Illegal activities shall be defined as a violation of local, state and/or federal laws. Inappropriate use shall be defined as a violation of the intended use of the
Internet. Obscene activities shall be defined as a violation of generally accepted community standards. Cell phone use is prohibited in computer lab.
•        Responsibility for children’s use of any library material or use of the Internet rests totally with their parents or legal guardians.
•        The Troy Public Library and the City of Troy do not assume responsibility for the use of the Internet by minors. It is impossible for Library staff to control information contained on the Internet.
•        Users must sign in no later than 30 minutes before time of closing; users must sign off of library computers and vacate computer lab 15 minutes before time of closing.

A printer will be available and there will be a charge of twenty cents ($0.20) per page of printing; fifty cents ($0.50) for color pages.

Library users have both the right of confidentiality and right of privacy. Internet users should be advised, however, that because security and privacy is technically difficult to achieve, electronic transactions and files could become public.

Persons violating, or suspected of violating, Troy Public Library Internet Policy, are subject to the monitoring and/or recording of their sessions. All monitored or recorded activities and sessions are considered confidential to the user except as evidence in a legal proceeding.

The Troy Public Library does not evaluate information accessed over the Internet and cannot guarantee the validity or accuracy of the information found on the Internet. Library patrons are advised, as with all library materials, to exercise judgment and discrimination when evaluating the usefulness and reliability of material found on the Internet.   

Internet User Courtesies

•        User Responsibility
          The user needs to recognize that the Internet must be shared and used in a manner which respects the rights of others and refrain from activities that prevent others from using it. In addition, the Internet user should be aware of computer viruses or other destructive programs which can cause to the user's computer or system.
•        Access to the Internet
          The Library neither monitors nor controls the quality, content, confidentiality, accuracy, or safety of the information transmitted via the Internet. Evaluation of the validity of information found and the verification of the sources of that information are the responsibility of the individual.
•        Children's Use of the Internet
          Electronic networks such as the Internet open a window to a global information society not previously available. Because information on the Internet appears, disappears, and changes frequently, it is not possible to protect or control what children may encounter. Responsibility for use of the Internet by children rests solely with the parent or guardian. Children who use the Internet unsupervised may be exposed to inappropriate or disturbing information and images. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children the use of the Internet in relation to their values and boundaries and to monitor their children's use of the Internet.
•        Copyright
          U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by the principles of "fair use."
•        Internet Common Courtesies
         At the Troy Public Library, access to the Internet may be in public areas, which must be shared
by library users of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities. In these settings, Internet users
should consider these situations when viewing potentially controversial information and images.


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