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Your Troy Public Library Card: Obtaining a Card, Policies, Fines & Fees

Troy Public Library Card Policy

Free library cards are issued to anyone who:
1. Permanently resides in Pike County
2. Owns property in Pike County
3. Attends school – grades 1-12 - in Pike County
     *Other as decided by Library Director

Discounted Library Cards:
Anyone employed full time within the city limits of Troy may receive a library card for a fee of $10.00 per year.

Troy University students whose permanent residence lies outside Pike County may receive a library card for a fee of $10.00 per year.

Non-Resident Cost:
Anyone who does not qualify for a free or discounted library card may obtain a card for $20.00 per year. If permanent residence of library card applicant lies outside of Pike County, only one fee-based, non-resident card will be issued to include all members of applicant’s household.

Cards issued to minors require the signature of a parent or legal guardian. Minors under age 18 with a valid Alabama driver's license do not require a parent or guardian's signature.

All patrons are required to furnish identification that shows a current living address and one form of picture ID. P.O. Boxes are NOT acceptable. Patrons who qualify under #2 or #3 must also show proof of property ownership or school attendance.

If permanent residence of library card applicant lies outside of Pike County, only one fee-based, non-resident card will be issued to include all members of applicant’s household.

Acceptable forms of identification include:
•        Pike County driver's license
•        State of Alabama ID card issued through Pike County     
•        Vehicle registration (with photo ID)
          Current bills or receipts that show physical address (with photo ID)
•        Troy Housing Authority ID PLUS a Social Security card
•        Proof of ownership of a home in Pike County
•        Current Passport

Other documents as approved by Library Director

Statement of Responsibility

You are responsible for the use of your card. You are responsible for any damage done to library materials and by signing Statement of Responsibility you agree to pay the cost of replacement of lost or damaged materials checked out to you, as defined by the Library Material Replacement Cost Policy. You also agree to pay a fine of twenty (20) cents per day for materials that are not returned
on time ($1.00/day for video and DVDs).

By signing the application the parent or legal guardian agrees to accept full responsibility for materials borrowed, lost, or damaged and any fines incurred by the juvenile when they sign the application for a juvenile. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Library.


Library cards are renewable at expiration date if patron still qualifies for a free card. Please do not throw card away.
$5.00 replacement charge for an adult library card
$2.00 replacement charge for a juvenile library card

Fine Structure

     Item type           How many?                 How long?        Renewals         Late Fee/Day

       Books                      20                               2 weeks                 1                     $ .20

   Audiobooks      5 adult, 5 child                2 weeks                   1                     $ .20

    Music CDs       3 adult, 5 child                2 weeks                    1                     $ .20

        DVDs                       3                               3 days                     1                     $1.00

   Video Games               1                               7 days                     1                     $1.00

    VG Manual                 1                               7 days                     1                     $ .20


Patrons are allowed two (2) renewals, barring outstanding reserves. After renewals are exhausted, items must be placed on the shelf for thirty (30) days before they may be re-checked by the same patron.
Security Card Fine: Borrowers are responsible for returning security cards. Borrowers will be charged $1.00 for each missing card.
Damaged Materials: Fines are assessed according to the extent of the damage.
Reserved Materials: The library will hold reserved materials for 24 hours after the patron has been notified.
Materials Not Returned: It is in violation of City Ordinance for any person to willfully retain any library material. The City will engage in a reasonable correspondence related to materials not returned. Correspondence and legal action will be in compliance with the Troy Municipal Code.

Unpaid Fines

The library reserves the right to refuse to check out materials to any borrower until fines are paid. An expired card may not be renewed unless all fines are paid.

Adopted: 09/02/2008
Updated: 04/04/2019
Troy Public Library
Board of Trustees

Library Material Replacement Policy

Borrowers are responsible for returning Troy Public Library materials by their due dates. If Borrowers return library materials in such condition that the library decides to replace them, then they will be billed for the cost of replacing the material, plus the cost of processing the replacement copy. The fees are in addition to any fines that may have accumulated. In the case of minors, parents or guardians are responsible for returning library materials in reasonable condition and for paying any fees or fines incurred.

The library reserves the right to assess and declare the condition of all returned library materials. Library staff will assess damage to the materials. Damage fees may vary, depending on the extent of damage, up to the full replacement costs of the item. Highlighting, pen marks, crayon marks, scratches (CD and DVDs) and liquid stains are examples of damage to library materials.

Library materials will be declared lost by circulation staff members after two weeks for new DVDs, new Blu-Rays, and Video Games; one month for regular (older) DVDs and Blu-Rays; one month for books and audio books; or if the patron declares the library material lost before that time. Once an item is considered lost by library staff and/or patron, replacement costs for said item(s) will be assessed to the
patron's account - along with all fines and peripheral costs - to be settled before patron may further utilize library services.

The library sends out damaged, lost book and overdue notices by email or via U.S mail.

All patrons are responsible for informing the library of address, phone, and email changes.

Replacement Costs

Determining a fair and adequate replacement cost for library materials is at the discretion of a circulation supervisor and will be based on the average cost as determined by Baker & Taylor, current catalogs, other selection aids, or the price noted on the shelf list card. There will be consultation with a librarian on staff as needed regarding replacement costs. (See schedule of charges below)

A $6.00 processing fee is assessed for each item that is billed for replacement.

A borrower may elect to purchase a replacement copy. This must be identical to the original copy and have the same ISBN number or other standard identifying number as determined by library staff member (in the case of A-V materials). A replacement copy must be in new or "like new" condition. The library director or circulation supervisor will examine the purchased copy and determine its identical quality. The processing fee will be waived if the borrower replaces the material, but the overdue fine will still be assessed.

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